The BlackLIT Box: (FICTION)

Living in our own world can be overwhelming at times; let's take a minute and indulge in someone else's creative genius. Fiction is fun...but not all games. Fiction is an essential tool that can be used to see the world from a different perspective. Join us as we acknowledge a writer's creativity, empathize with conflict, and cheer on our hero.


Whether you want to engage in some self care, learn some tips for self improvement, improve in your career, or save some money..... this is the box for you! Books featured in this box will be written by some of the most educated, influential, and successful individuals in the the black community. While some will be brand-new, others have been out for a while; however, they all share one thing: the motivation and insight contained within their spines will overflow as it makes its way into your daily life , helping you achieve your goals and break through boundaries. We know change can be daunting, let us help!

BlackLIT Mini-Mailer

The perfect gift for the book lover in your life! Each mini- mailer includes: 1 book by a black author, 1 custom bookmark designed by a black artist, and 1 shirt designed by a black creative.

The BlackLIT Box: Men

Black Men, we love you! Sorry it took so long, but it is finally here!!! Every month, get a token of our appreciation with a box designed to strengthen your intellect and inspire you along your journey, no matter what they may be. Each month we will alternate between fiction and nonfiction reads that were specifially designed with you in mind. Black Men Read, too!!!

The BlackLIT Box: Believers

Love books? Love God? Interested in learning more about him? Want to read books that challenge you, strengthen your faith, and change your life? Then, this is the box for you!!! Our first book is Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd, and we are so hype!!! Please join us, our book club is coming soon.




. . . . one BlackLIT Box at a time!